Post Humus

Scatter my ashes in my garden
so I can be near my loves.
Say a few honest words,
sing a gentle song,
join hands in a circle of flesh.
Please tell some stories
about me making you laugh.
I love to make you laugh.

When I've had time to settle
and green gathers into buds,
remember I love blossoms
bursting in spring.
As the season ripens
remember my persistent passion.

And if you come in my garden
on an August afternoon,
pluck a bright red globe,
let juice run down your chin
and the seeds stick to your cheek.

When I'm dead I want folks to smile
and say, "That Patti, she sure is
some tomato!"

from Ask the Dreamer Where Night Begins: Poems & Postscripts (1986); reprinted in
When I Am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple (Papier-Mache Press, 1987) Ed. Sandra Martz
and Make Your Way Across This Bridge: New & Selected Writings (2003)